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What’s our job?

Each task we receive is individually analysed and approached with utmost care. We base our actions on diagnosing brand’s market situation, thorough observation of consumers’ needs and demands and working out an optimal concept which fully satisfies our Client.


Our basic scope of services includes:

  • media planning
  • media purchase: press, radio, TV, Internet, outdoor advertising
  • planning and purchasing both national and regional/local media
  • Internet marketing (SEM (SEO, PCC), banners, emailing, buzz)
  • marketing analysis: consumer behaviour, advertising activity of brands and companies, effectiveness of various media types
  • strategies for choosing communication channels: usefulness analysis, analysis of optimal choice factors
  • econometric models for marketing and planning advertising campaigns
  • media auditing
  • media planning trainings.



We are a certified Google Partner.

Our tools

In our work we use all available tools and researches. These include both media research (TV, press, radio, outdoor or Internet) and research of brand consumption and brand awareness, as well as research of companies’ advertising activity and their expenditure in that field. We also use a whole group of our custom tools used for planning and analysing advertising campaigns:

Media Optimizer - a tool which optimises media campaign parameters (reach, N+ reach, GRP, etc.) within given limits (budget, time, GRP). It uses algorithms for linear programming and for operational research.

Q Matrix - a tool for supporting media quality planning, helping to define weekly GRP rates or campaign’s evolution in time.

M Cubed Builder - a tool which helps in creating advanced mathematical (econometric) models which help to predict the size of many parameters used in strategic management of a product or group of products (e.g. its sales, evolution of segments and their size, changes in consumption models, ROI).

Neuro Ad Assessement -  a set of research tools which the latest innovations in neuromarketing, used for choosing the best communication strategies or evaluating and choosing the best creations (TV spots, press ads, outdoor, radio spots or websites).

Conversion Booster - a tool which supports optimisation processes in effectiveness campaigns. It uses advanced predictions of Internet users’ behaviour in purchasing process.


For many years Mediapol has organised trainings about the media market, planning and creating media strategies. The trainings take place both at our company and at our Clients. In our HQ you will find a fully equipped conference room with computer workplaces for every participant. Our coaches have long experience in organising such trainings. Please contact us for details.

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